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Why the Handshake Matters

We have become used to footballers making headlines for the wrong reasons, now it’s the turn of the referee. With players’ abusing referees and linesmen during every game, should we be surprised that a top flight referee has been accused of abusing players in return? Where does this leave the FA’s Respect Campaign, designed to improve behaviour at Grassroots? An initiative that should and could have a really positive influence on everyone involved in the game.

Liverpool FC and Harnessing the 12th Man

During Liverpool FC’s heyday, the “Kop”, a raised terrace at the Walton Breck Road end of the Anfield stadium, gained mythical status as the clubs 12th man. The support of 27,000 devoted souls, standing shoulder to shoulder with their team, inspired the club to reach the top of the domestic and European game.

Run with the Ball – Break Out Game

One of the hardest skills in football is the ability to run quickly and positively with the ball. Young players will run with the ball, but very often pick the wrong time to run with the ball, run with it in the wrong areas of the pitch and run with their heads down and end up running the ball into defenders.

Paying the Penalty for a Flawed System

Paying the Penalty for a Flawed System

In the days after our defeat in Kiev, the talk centred on England’s inability to win penalty shootouts. That’s a red herring. An honest analysis of England’s four matches would focus on a more fundamental problem. An inability to keep possession of the ball and complete simple 5 yard passes under pressure.

UEFA B Coaching – Defend to Counter Attack

I had another question from a Grassroots Coaching fan regarding a key UEFA B Coaching topic: "What is the difference between Coaching a team to defend to counter attack compared to coaching a team to defend deep to counter attack?" In this article, we look at how to Coach a team to defend to counter attack.

UEFA B Coaching – Defending Deep to Counter Attack.

UEFA B Coaching – Defending Deep to Counter Attack.

Following on from the previous blog article, we now look at how to coach a team to defend deep and then counter attack. In this UEFA B coaching topic, the defending team are giving up ground and defending deep, in and around their own penalty area. Typically, this might be an away team who are 0-0 or winning the game.