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Coaching a Team to Defend as a Team in a Small Sided Game

I am often asked how coaches can effectively coach a team. Many coaches can put on practices and drills to improve players’ techniques and skills, but coaching a team to work together to achieve a specific team objective can be difficult and intimidating for many coaches. In this blog, we look at the topic of coaching a team to defend effectively as a team. In this example, we look at a UEFA B practical curriculum topic and play an 8 v 8 game. The principles and structure of defending shown here are equally applicable to coaching 4 v 4 games through to 11 v 11 games.

UEFA B Coaching – Defend to Counter Attack

I had another question from a Grassroots Coaching fan regarding a key UEFA B Coaching topic: "What is the difference between Coaching a team to defend to counter attack compared to coaching a team to defend deep to counter attack?" In this article, we look at how to Coach a team to defend to counter attack.

UEFA B Coaching – Defending Deep to Counter Attack.

UEFA B Coaching – Defending Deep to Counter Attack.

Following on from the previous blog article, we now look at how to coach a team to defend deep and then counter attack. In this UEFA B coaching topic, the defending team are giving up ground and defending deep, in and around their own penalty area. Typically, this might be an away team who are 0-0 or winning the game.

Sowing the Seeds – Footballs’ Social Network

In a recent FA survey children were asked what they felt was the most enjoyable thing about playing football. Meeting with and making new friends topped the list by a mile. Far ahead of winning, scoring, league tables, medals and trophies, all identified as adult preoccupations.

UEFA B Coaching – Defending Against a Counter Attack

I recently received a question on a UEFA B coaching topic, one which is very relevant to the way football has evolved tactically. The question was how do you Coach a team to defend a counter attack.

Imagine game situations where a team will have to defend a counter attack in a game. It is when a team are attacking, they have lost the ball and have committed players forward and the other team gain possession and look to attack quickly and directly. The team now have a problem as they are going to be outnumbered by the attacking team...

Planning – FA Level 2 Coaching Session Part 6

Planning – FA Level 2 Coaching Session Part 6

In this article, I will show you how to plan the 5th and final Progression of the FA Level 2 soccer training session on the topic of 'Improving the Technique of Creating Space'. This is the final article in a series of 6 created to help you pass the FA level 2 course. To get future updates without having to worry, why not follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and watch some of our great videos on YouTube.