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Football drills for dribbling

On this page you can watch a football drills coaching video on dribbling: Access an animated 3D football drills coaching drill on dribbling and ball manipulation: Print out a chalkboard training session and a download a PDF, all designed to help coach dribbling and ball manipulation.

Please take the time to access this football coaching information on dribbling and to watch the Tour Videos to fully appreciate what a membership to Grassrootscoaching.com offers..

Football drills to improve dribbling 

The ability for a player to beat an opponent and create a goal scoring opportunity with a pass or a shot is a priceless skill. Players love to show off their skills by dribbling and running with the ball. Coaches should ensure there are lots of training sessions and football drills that provide players with the opportunity to develop and improve their dribbling and ball manipulation skills.

It is important that the football drills and coaching sessions for dribbling and ball manipulation, not only include lots of opportunities to be imaginative and innovative, but that the players are also coached within the football drills and sessions to develop an understanding of the best areas on the pitch to use the skill of dribbling and ball manipulation. These are mainly in attacking central areas and in wide areas of the pitch. The coach should also ensure that the football drills and coaching sessions are designed to ensure there is an objective at the end of the skill of dribbling, such as a cross, shot or accurate pass..

Coaching tips for dribbling

  • Football drills Tip 1 – Prior to dribbling, receiving player to create space to receive the ball out of the feet 
  • Football drills Tip 2 - Receive the ball so that the player is facing the direction they want to dribble – towards the opposition goal
  • Football drills Tip 3 – The ball should be out of their feet, in  front of the player, close and the player should get the head up to assess options
  • Football drills Tip 4 – The players should practice ball manipulation, using different parts of the foot to manipulate the ball quickly and under control in different directions
  • Football drills Tip 5 – Players should work on developing and using changes of pace, slow, slow, quick, quick when approaching defenders
  • Football drills Tip 6 – Be innovative and practice and use tricks, such as step overs, feints etc, to unbalance defenders
  • Football drills Tip 7 - Change of pace and direction after the trick to exploit space created
  • Football drills Tip 8 – Keep the ball under control and close, with the head up when exploding past opponents
  • Football drills Tip 9 – There should be a positive end result after the dribble, to shoot, pass, etc 

Watch videos

Watch the video to understand and structure football coaching drills to improve dribbling skills.

Football coaching videos

See animated drill

This is a 3D animated football coaching drill taken from the members’ area of Dribbling and Turning. The title is “Pressurised dribbling and defending”

Football coaching | Animated drills


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