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Football Coaching Goalkeeping

On this page you can watch a coaching goalkeeper video: Access an animated 3D coaching goalkeeper drill on positioning and techniques needed for dealing with low shots and print out a chalkboard football coaching goalkeepers session, all designed to help football coaches improve coaching goalkeepers.

Please take the time to access this football coaching information on coaching goalkeepers and to watch the Tour Videos to fully appreciate what a membership to Grassrootscoaching.com offers.

Coaching Goalkeepers – Basic Handling / positioning 

The position of goalkeeper is that of a 'specialist technician' and is arguably the most important position on the pitch; therefore, a great deal of work on individual technique is required to reach a competent standard.

Many people think that goalkeepers are a special breed and a little bit crazy, which is probably true. They are very different than outfield players and do need specialised training. Areas that are covered in the goalkeeping section include: 

  • Using their feet - they should be as comfortable as outfield players on the ball, to be able to deal with back passes. 
  • Distribution skills - they can be the first point of attack and therefore need very good awareness and distribution skills, both kicking and throwing the ball. 
  • Positional awareness - the goalkeeper must always adopt a position in relation to where the ball is on the pitch. The position the goalkeeper takes will greatly influence the position the defenders take in front of them. 
  • Communication - this is a vital skill. Not only do they need to be the "eyes" of the players in front of them, to be able to dictate and provide key information to the defenders in front of them, but the communication needs to consistent, loud, clear and concise. 
  • Good footwork - where the feet go, the hands will follow. Goalkeepers need to develop quick feet as it is vital to shot stopping and handling. 
  • Safe hands - whilst it is important to make saves, the goalkeeper must also have "safe" hands and be able to make a split second decision on whether they are capable of saving the ball and making it safe, or deflecting to a safe area on the pitch. 
  • Calm personality - it is no good a goalkeeper having a hair trigger or a very excitable personality as a player. If a goalkeeper acts in a calm, composed manner, this will transmit itself throughout the rest of the team. 
  • Organisational ability - to be able to structure the defensive shape in front of them and to be able to organise their players at defensive set pieces. 
  • Technical ability - they must understand and be able to demonstrate the basic goalkeeping techniques, such as: saving low, medium, high shots. Diving saves, catching, punching and when to catch and when to deflect to safe areas. 
  • Bravery and commitment - goalkeepers must be prepared to put their body on the line. It takes a lot of courage to dive at an onrushing forwards feet or come for a cross through a crowd of players. 
  • Fitness and power - goalkeepers require a specific type of fitness. The skills required include: power, flexibility, suppleness, athleticism and the ability to recover quickly. 
  • Strength of character and concentration - it is a lonely job being a goalkeeper. They can go ages without even touching the ball and when they do they make a mistake and concede a goal.

Tips for football coaching Goalkeepers - low shots

  • Football Coaching GK’s – tip #1 – The GK to adopt a position relevant to how far the ball is away from the goal and position themselves between the ball and the centre of the goal
  • Coaching Goalkeepers – tip #2 – GK should be balanced, looking at the ball and with their hands in a neutral, set position, enabling the GK to react up or down to the shot
  • Goalkeeper training – tip # 3 – Be still and balanced when the shot is hit. Be able to react to the shot, not to anticipate it
  • Football Coaching Goalkeepers – tip #4 – Watch the video and animated 3D drill to see the technical coaching tips for coaching goalkeepers to deal with low shots

Watch videos

Watch the video to understand and structure drills on coaching goalkeepers basic handling techniques for low shots.

Football coaching | Goalkeeper Training | Goalkeeping videos

See animated drill

This is a 3D animated drill on coaching goalkeepers taken from the members' area of Goalkeeping. The title is "Goalkeeper dealing with low shots"

Football coaching | Goalkeeper Training | Goalkeeping, animated drills


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