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Football drills and player skill competitions

On this page you can watch a players’ football skill drill competition video: Access an animated 3D players’ football skill drill competition: Print out a chalkboard session and a download a PDF, all designed to encourage players to take responsibility for their own learning and development through players’ football skill drill competitions.

Please take the time to access this information on player skill competitions and to watch the Tour Videos to fully appreciate what a membership to Grassrootscoaching.com offers..

Player Skill Competitions and football drills 

Players love to get a ball out and have fun playing football. They don't always need coaching or organised football drills. Very often just kicking a ball around with their friends is fun and a learning process. The fact they have to work out for themselves the best way of passing or controlling the ball by having a go themselves, making mistakes and watching and copying other players is a powerful learning medium.

Whilst coaching players is still very important. Grassrootscoaching.com have looked at and studied the way football players learn and improve. To this end, we have developed a series of football drills that are designed as player skill competitions. These football drill competitions are designed in such a way that the players themselves take responsibility for organising the football drill competitions, organising the areas and applying the rules.

The football drill skill competitions are intended to be easy to understand, to be fun and enjoyable, whilst at the same time, through the structure of the football drill competition, to focus on a specific skill, which will encourage players to improve the skills needed to successfully participate in the player skill competition.

Whilst the football drill skill animations focus on two players, the football drill competition can easily be expanded and progressed to include more than one player. The football drill skill competitions can also be used by coaches as part of their training programme. They can also be printed out and given to players and their parents as football homework, which the players can practice on their own, with their friends and parents.

Player football drill competitions – skills covered

  • Ball control – Football drill competitions to improve control with the foot, the thigh, the chest and to encourage the players to adjust and select the correct control surface
  • Running with the ball – The football drill competitions are structured so that the player has to control the ball into space, get their head up, run quickly with the ball but still be under control
  • Passing the ball – There are football drill competitions that ensure the players have to pass the ball accurately and think about the weight and timing of the pass and the type of support runs to receive the pass
  • Dribbling – Dribbling with the head up, manipulating the ball with the front foot and using a change of pace and direction all important when dribbling. The football drill competitions are designed to ensure the players have to use all these dribbling skills.
  • Turning – Within the football drill competitions for turning with the ball, the players have to learn how to turn when receiving the ball and how to turn with the ball in different directions

Watch videos

Watch the video to understand a player football drill competition for forward runs for forward passing.

Football coaching | Skills videos

See animated drill

This is a 3D animated football coaching drill taken from the members’ area of Players Skill Competitions. The title is “Forward runs for forward passing”

Football coaching | Skills, animated drills


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