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Youth Football Training – Attacking Principles

On this page you can watch a youth football training video on attacking principles: Access an animated 3D youth football training drill on attacking principles: Print out a chalkboard youth football training session and a download a PDF, all designed to help football coaches improve their skill of coaching youth football players in attacking principles.

Please take the time to access this youth football training information on attacking principles and to watch the Tour Videos to fully appreciate what a membership to Grassrootscoaching.com offers.

Youth Football Training – Attacking Principles 

The attacking principles for training youth football players should include an understanding from the players of creating space, both as individuals for themselves and for others and as a team to make the pitch as big as possible.

Encouraging youth football players to make good decisions should be an integral part of the training sessions. As a first thought, can the players be positive and look to play or advance the ball forward quickly, trying to penetrate the opposition. If this isn’t possible, then the players will need to keep possession and be patient. Information in training sessions that encourage youth football players to change play and the point of attack should also be part of the coaching philosophy.

Progressions to these training sessions should then look at creating overload situations – 2 v 1, 3 v 2 etc and encouraging youth football players to be innovative, inventive and brave and to develop individual skills such as dribbling, running with the ball and unorthodox and clever passes.

Youth football players should also be encouraged to try inventive and quick combination play and passing as a basic attacking principle. It is also very important that the training sessions for the youth football players include an awareness of defensive balance when attacking and that where ever possible there is a positive final outcome for the attack, a shot or an attempt on goal.

Tips for training youth football players to improve basic attacking principles

  • Youth Football Training Tip 1 – Create Space as a team – width and depth
  • Youth Football Training Tip 2 - Create space as individuals for themselves and other players
  • Youth Football Training Tip 3 - Quick effective penetration, play forward – if possible
  • Youth Football Training Tip 4 - Patience – retain possession if penetration isn’t possible
  • Youth Football Training Tip 5 - Changing play – change the point of the attack
  • Youth Football Training Tip 6 - Create attacking overloads to exploit – 2 v 1, 3 v 2
  • Youth Football Training Tip 7 - Individual skill and clever, quick combination play
  • Youth Football Training Tip 8 - Defensive balance when attacking
  • Youth Football Training Tip 9 - Final outcome – shot or attempt on goal 

Watch videos

Watch the video to understand and structure drills on training youth football players on attacking principles.

Youth Football Training | Attacking Principles videos

See animated drill

This is a 3D animated football coaching drill taken from the members' area of the site. The title is Small sided games – "Develop wide play"

Youth Football Training | Attacking Principles, animated drills


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