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Football Coaching Drills – Create Space

On this page you can watch a football coaching video on creating space: Access an animated 3D football coaching drill on the skills needed to develop creating space: Print out a chalkboard football coaching session and a download a PDF, all designed to help football coaches improve their skill of coaching football players in creating space.

Please take the time to access this football coaching information on creating space and to watch the Tour Videos to fully appreciate what a membership to Grassrootscoaching.com offers.

Football Coaching Drills – Improve creating space 

A main attacking principle of coaching football is for players to create space as a team and as individuals, immediately they gain possession of the ball. The objective of using football coaching drills that encourage players to understand and work on this principle will pay huge dividends in the quality of the training sessions and in game situations.

Football Coaching Drills that encourage players to spread out and create space when they gain possession, to make the pitch or training area as big as possible, will greatly help players to have more time and space on the ball. Every time one of the players in the football training drill gains possession, there should be movement from all the other players to create and find space in which to support the player on the ball. By making these initial movements they are creating space and time. As the ball moves, the players will need to move with the ball, constantly looking to create and find space and to provide support options for the player on the ball. The player on the ball should always have more than one support option, with at least one player always providing support behind the ball, at least one player providing support in front of the ball and at least one player providing width. When playing in football drills and sessions, players should also be coached in understanding the need for the correct timing, angle and distance of the support, along with early communication, both verbally and with hand gestures, to help the player on the ball.

When coaching football drills, coaches should also encourage players to understand that they will sometimes create and find space to receive the ball themselves and sometimes, to create space for other players, by making runs to draw the opposition away from a player in space.

Coaches should also encourage players to understand that there are times when they can and should create space with the ball. Football coaching drills in which space is at a premium will force players to move to find space, to support the player on the ball and to create space with the ball.

Tips for football coaching drills to improve creating space

  • Football Coaching Drills Tip 1 - Create space immediately the team gain possession, players should look to create and find space. This will make the pitch bigger and give players more time
  • Football Coaching Drills Tip 2 - Create space and take a supporting position where the passer can see the supporting player easily. Support players will need to be able to adjust their support positions, so that ideally there are no opponents between themselves and the player on the ball.
  • Football Coaching Drills Tip 3 – Good timing, angles and distance of support. Support players should time their support runs and look to get in a position that provides the best support distance and angle for the player on the ball. 
  • Football Coaching Drills Tip 4 - Good communication between the players, verbally and with body language. Communication from the support player can make a huge difference to the quality of the support.
  • Football Coaching Drills Tip 5 - Readjustment of support positions. As the ball moves, so will the support positions for the player on the ball. Players will constantly need to be moving to create and find space
  • Football Coaching Drills Tip 6 -Players on the ball should be coached to create space for themselves when in possession of the ball. Football coaching drills that encourage ball manipulation and turning with the ball out of tight areas will always assist players’ development with the skill of creating space with the ball.

Watch videos

Watch the video to understand and structure drills on coaching football players on creating space.

Football Coaching Drills | Create Space videos

See animated drill

This is a 3D animated football coaching drill taken from the members' area of Creating Space. The title is "Pass, move and switch play in triangles"

Football Coaching Drills | Create Space, animated drills


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