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Football Training – Turning with the ball

On this page you can watch a football training video on Turning with the ball: Access an animated 3D football training session on the skills needed to improve turning: Print out a chalkboard football training session and a download a PDF, all designed to help football coaches improve their skill of training football players.

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Football Training –  Improve turning with the ball 

Space on a pitch can at times get very tight. Players need football training sessions to understand how to make space for themselves. If they are in possession of the ball a quick turn or change of direction can create space for the player on the ball to exploit. Turning with the ball is a highly technical skill and requires football training drills that encourage players to practice this skill. 

Turning when receiving the ball - There are a number of situations that football training sessions can assist a player with understanding when and how to turn with the ball. For example, a player receiving the ball or having the ball in their possession might want to employ a turning technique. They might want to receive a pass and turn into space, using one touch into a space that changes the direction of the attack. To be able to do this they will need to get their body in a position that enables them to assess the space around them and to be able to assess the position of the opposition and team mates. Their turning technique in this situation will also depend on the pace of the pass they are receiving. A typical football training example of this might be a player receiving the ball from one flank area, turning and switching play to the opposite flank, or to receive a pass from a defender, turn in midfield and then pass forward.

Players will also need football training drills to help them understand and practice when they might want to change direction with the ball. For example they are running one way with the ball and if they quickly turn they can exploit the space in the other direction. Players might also use a turning skill when they threaten to pass in one direction, which tempts the defender to try and block the pass or make a tackle, only for the player on the ball to turn away from the intended interception into the space they have created.

Tips for training football players to improve turning with the ball

  • Football Training Tip 1 – Movement to create space to receive the ball from the passer
  • Football Training Tip 2 - Awareness when moving to create space to look behind and around to see where the space is to turn
  • Football Training Tip 3 – Receiving player adopts a slight angle – not straight on – from passer
  • Football Training Tip 4 - Body position – shoulders open and at an angle from the passer. This will help the awareness of the space
  • Football Training Tip 5 - Alert and on the toes, ready to quickly adjust to the pass
  • Football Training Tip 6 - Assess the pace and flight of the ball and space available to turn
  • Football Training Tip 7 - Technique of turn, based upon the pace, flight and direction of the pass
  • Football Training Tip 8 - Consider – no touch turn, back foot turn, little toe, big toe turn, control back to where the ball came from and turn
  • Football Training Tip 9 - Turn into the space identified
  • Football Training Tip 10 - Head up, to assess next decision, pass, dribble shoot etc
  • Football Training Tip 11 - Good technique and execution of the next action after the turn

Watch videos

Watch the video to understand and structure sessions on training football players on turning with the ball.

Videos: Football coaching | Football Training tips | Turning with the Ball videos

See animated drill

This is a 3D animated football training drill taken from the members' area of Turning with the ball. The title is "Improve Turning and creating space using support"

Animated drill: Football coaching | Football Training tips | Turning with the Ball animated drills


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