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FA Level 2 – football Coaching Qualification

On this page you can watch a football coaching video from the FA Level 2 practical curriculum and print out a chalkboard FA Level 2 football coaching drill. Please take the time to access this football coaching information on the FA Level 2 curriculum and to watch the Tour Videos to fully appreciate what a membership to Grassrootscoaching.com offers.

FA Level 2 – football Coaching Qualification 

Grassrootscoaching.com and The football Association have worked together and designed a resource for the sixteen categories of coaching topics that form the curriculum of the new football Association Level 2 coaching course. The practices within the categories are suggested practices for the football Association Level 2. In addition, subscribers to the website will have full access to the Coaches Chalkboard, which will enable you to easily design sessions, save, share and print your own practical coaching sessions, which will prove really useful when planning sessions for the 16 hours of independent coaching candidates have to undertake as part of the course, as well as planning topics for the internal and external assessments. 

Jamie Houchen, The football Association’s National Tutor Training Manager, says:

"The football Association Learning Department and www.grassrootscoaching.com have jointly designed an online curriculum of animated practices for the FA Level 2 coaching course. In addition, the online coaches design tool, Coaches Chalkboard will greatly assist candidates in their preparation for their assignments and coaching sessions"

To assist coaches who are taking the new football Association Level 2 badge, coaches who are thinking of taking the course, or indeed those coaches who just want to further the coaching education and coaching knowledge, whatever level they coach at, Grassrootscoaching.com has developed an online educational resource for the new football Association Level 2 course, that can assist football coaches specifically to understand how to structure sessions so that the emphasis of the session is on a particular coaching topic and how and why that topic can progress from a technical session, into a skill session and then into a conditioned 4 v 4 game.

ALL of the 16 main categories of the football Association Level 2 practical curriculum are fully covered in the members’ area of the site:

  • Short Passing 
  • Long Passing 
  • Receiving Priorities 
  • Turning 
  • Running with the ball 
  • Support Play - forward runs 
  • Support Play - around the ball 
  • Forward passing 
  • Dribbling 
  • Defending when matched up 
  • Defending and delay 
  • Finishing - close range 
  • Finishing - long range 
  • Defending Heading 
  • Attacking Heading 
  • Goalkeeping 

Watch videos

Watch the video to understand and structure FA Level 2 football coaching drills from the practical coaching curriculum.

Videos: Football coaching FA Level 2 Coaching Qualification


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