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Training - Football Fitness

On this page you can watch a training video on football fitness with a ball. The video shows a fun warm up session with a ball and show the type of stretches a coach should incorporate into a warm up fitness session. There is also a printable chalkboard football fitness session which you can print out and take to training with you.

Please take the time to access this coaching information on football fitness and to watch the Tour Videos to fully appreciate what a membership to Grassrootscoaching.com offers..

Football Fitness tips

No longer do football players need to run miles to achieve football fitness. Jogging up and down the pitch a few times is not enough. In the course of a football match a midfield player could run seven miles. With the help of our football fitness experts, we have designed fun and innovative football fitness training drills with many involving football drills that use the ball in realistic game situations to improve the players’ football fitness, whilst improving football skills and techniques.

A warm up period is important prior to any football training session or match, because: 

  • Football Fitness Warm Up - Prepares the body and muscles for the upcoming training or match. 
  • Football Warm Up - Raises the body temperature by circulating blood to the working muscles providing oxygen and fuel to prepare for more strenuous exercise. 
  • Football Fitness Warm Up - Provides a focus for the players mind. 
  • Football Fitness Warm Ups - Prepares players mentally for the game. 
  • Football Fitness Warm Ups - Develops good habits for the players. 

Likewise, a cool down period at the end of a match or football training session is important because: 

  • Football Fitness Cool Downs - Helps players overcome muscle stiffness and soreness. 
  • Football Fitness Cool Downs- Allows player to re hydrate. 
  • Football Fitness Cool Downs - Helps rid the body of toxins and lactic acid. 
  • Football Fitness Cool Downs- Allows a period of reflection and assessment for the players and the coach. 

The football fitness training programme covers:

  • Warm Ups for training and matches 
  • Cool downs for training and matches 
  • Fun training drills with the ball 
  • Training for speed and agility 
  • Training for endurance and stamina 
  • Training for power and strength
  • Stretching and flexibility

Watch videos

Watch the video for a fun football fitness session with the ball.

Videos: Football drills | Football Fitness

See animated drill

This is a 3D animated, interactive football fitness drill taken from the members' area of the site. The title is "Fetch the Ball"

Animated Drills: Football drills | Football Fitness


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