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Coaching - Football Tactics and Formations

On this page you can watch a coaching video and a 3D animated coaching drill on football tactics to help you coach and understanding the 4 4 2 formation. There is also a printable chalkboard coaching session which you can print out and take to training with you.

Please take the time to access this coaching information on football tactics and formations and to watch the Tour Videos to fully appreciate what a membership to Grassrootscoaching.com offers..

Coaching - Football Tactics and Formations

The video on this page gives an introduction to understanding and coaching the 4 4 2 formation. It is probably the most commonly used formation in football, because it is easy for the players to understand their individual roles and how their roles connect to their unit and the team.

The 4 4 2 system, covers all areas of the pitch in a grid like fashion, with the players having specific responsibilities within their designated areas. Many top professional clubs still use this system, but with the modern trend of one of the strikers playing in the hole between the main striker and the midfield.

We have designed a whole section on football tactics and formations. Areas such as basic and advanced team strategies, formations and the tactical principles required for successful team play are all comprehensively covered. We also demonstrate the football strategies behind various systems of play, attacking and defending football tactics and formations, and defending and attacking set plays.

Football tactics and formations that are covered include

  • Football Tactics to help coach and understand the 4 - 4 - 2 Formation 
  • Football Tactics to help understand players roles and responsibilities in the 4 - 4 - 3 Formation
  • Football Tactics to help understand why the 4 - 5 - 1 formation is favoured by many professional clubs 
  • Football Tactics to help develop the roles of the wingbacks in a 3 - 5 - 2 formation 
  • Football Tactics explaining what the role is of the defensive midfielder in 4 - 1 - 4 - 1 formation

In addition our UEFA 'A' licensed football coach demonstrates the organisational structure and explains the roles and functions of the players in a range of attacking and defending set plays, including:

  • Football tactics explaining formations for defending corners and free kicks. 
  • Football tactics explaining the roles of players in attacking corners. 
  • Football tactics explaining how to build a defensive wall. 
  • Football tactics explaining innovative attacking free kicks. 
  • Football tactics explaining throw-ins, much more than just a way to get the ball back on the pitch.



Watch videos

Watch the video to be able to coach and understand the football tactics involved in the 4 4 2 formation.

 Football Tactics | Formations

See animated drill

This is an interactive 3D coaching session on the football tactics needed to effectively coach a back four and goalkeeper on their roles of staying compact and working as a defensive unit

animated drill: Football Tactics | Formations


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