Drill: Improve turning and creating space using support
Develop the skills and understanding of when to turn, when to protect the ball and when and how to create space a support player to create space
Drill area
10v20 Layout
Set Up
  • Use cones to mark out grid area
  • Supply of balls
  • Bibs
Ball is served form support player to attacking player who starts from near the middle of the grid and is opposed by a defender. Support player must stay behind end line of grid, but can support anywhere behind the line. Player must make decisions on when and how to turn, protect the ball or use the support player to create new angles and find space. Objective is to create opportunities to pass the ball to the server at the opposite end of the grid. Repeat for 4 or 5 times for each player and then rotate
Coaching Tips
  • Take defender away to create space
  • Check off to receive ball
  • Decision - if defender tight protect ball and use server or try a turn
  • Decision - if defender away, receive on back foot and turn
  • Pass to opposite server
  • New movement to receive the ball

This drill is about the attacker trying to create space to turn and pass the ball into the opposite server. The attacker must look to make the right decisions. These decisions will be based upon the proximity of the defender and the attackers ability to lose the defender.

  • If defender is tight encourage the attacker to pass back to the server and move to create a new angle to receive the ball.
  • Encourage the attacker to try different types of turning skills
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