Drill: C.C. Pressurised control and pass
Clock coaching exercise to develop control, turning and awareness.
Drill area
Set Up
  • Area marked by cones
  • Supply of balls
One player in the middle of the clock, two balls on the outside. Ball is played to player to control and pass out. Immediately the next ball is passed in, player must adjust, control and pass out. Player should try and play two touch.
Coaching Tips
  • Make angle to receive the ball
  • Get a good body position to receive the ball on the half turn
  • Head up and accurate pass
  • Adjust to receive the next pass
  • Accurate and timed passes from the players on the outside of the clock

To test different kinds of control, the coach can make the clock bigger and smaller, For better player condition to two or three touches. For younger players concentrate on making an angle to receive the pass, the turning technique and accuracy of the pass out.

  • Condition to two touch
  • Introduce a passive defender
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