Drill: Control, turn and deliver low firm pass
Drill to improve controlling, turning and delivering a low driven pass around the pitch
Drill area
Whole Field Layout
Set Up
  • Use cone to mark out area on full pitch.
  • Gates every 20 - 25 meters.
  • Gates 5 - 8 meters wide
  • Supply of balls
Practice can use 2 or 3 balls. Player uses the low driven pass technique and passes the ball through a target to next player. Follow pass. Next player adjust feet, controls the pass, sets themselves and passes to next player through target. Repeat
Coaching Tips
  • On toes ready to receive the pass
  • Get in line with the pass
  • Control out of feet
  • Head up to "picture" next pass
  • Accurate pass and follow

For younger player make the distance between the gates shorter and encourage accurate side foot passing between the gates

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