Chalkboard: FA Level 1 diamonds shooting game


Diamonds shooting game


Rotating game designed to improve close range and long range finishing


*Overall area 36 x 15 yards. Full size goal in the middle with GK. *2 strikers in each penalty area, 3 floating (like M/F players) players outside of both areas *Ball is initially served from spare GK to a floating player, strikers react to receive ball from floating player *Strikers look to be positive and score *If ball goes through goal or missess goal, floating players react at opposite end, play ball into opposite strikers and game continues. *GK plays both ways *If ball goes out, ball is served from spare GK. Spare GK can changes with GK


*Floating players (M/F) react to field balls and play into strikers *Strikers react to find space and look to score as quickly and positively as possible *Close range, accuracy over power - hit target *Be realistic to a game *2nd striker looks for rebounds *Encourage bright combination play between strikes


*Introduce a defender to make 2 v 1 in the area *Rotate strikers and floaters after shot *Make it a competition. 1st team to score 5 goals *Change condition, make it long range shooting. Shot must come from flaoting (M/F) players outside of area

Additional Notes:

*Coach must encourage ther players to be on the move and to be energetic *Session must be realistic - would they pass 5 yards from goal in a game? *Use progressions