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10 things that make a home crowd laugh

There are many things that happen in a football match that result in gales of laughter, particularly from the partisan home crowd. Here are our 10 favourites.

1. Football smashed  into the face or balls of an opposition player

2. Previous star player, who left for big money substituted during the game

3. Any opposition player who is been in the headlines makes any kind of mistake at any time on the pitch

4. Opposition player who is rolling around in agony, receives a yellow card for simulation.

5. Any fresh air shot by any opposition player, particularly a missed time overhead kick.

6. Any penalty that misses the goal completely.

7. Goal celebration in front of travelling fans when the rest of the ground knows the goal has been disallowed

8. Second yellow card for kicking the ball away or for taking off their shirt in a goal celebration

9. Any opposition player who overruns the pitch and smashes into the advertising holdings

10. Opposition player rounds the goalkeeper and manages to miss the open goal

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