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5 simple steps to coaching passing and support

The best football players do the simple things in the game the best. Passing and support, should be simple, but how often does it break down because a player can’t pass the ball accurately over 5 – 10 yards?

We have put together a coaching video, that explains the 5 simple steps on how to coach and improve passing and support.

The video is a taster from a coaching session and also includes game footage of top professionals showing us how it should be done.

The coaching session in the video is all about players having to play with their heads up, being aware of what is around them and having to repeatedly pass accurately and provide support and communication for the player on the ball at all times. It is a simple, yet very challenging session that will really improve your players passing and support technical skills.


  • Area to suit the age and ability of the players
  • Three or four teams of four, one ball per team
  • Each team must maintain possession within the area.


  • One team playing initially to get the pattern of the practice
  • Then all teams playing at the same time


  • To improve the technique of passing, support and communication


  • Change the size of the area to encourage different types and distances of passing
  • Introduce a fourth or fifth team
  • Number the players in the team and they have to pass in their sequential order


  • Which team can complete the most passes, without the ball going out of the area in agreed time?
  • Pass in numbered order 1 to 2 to 3 to 4, back to 1. Repeat
  • Which team can complete the most passes in numbered order, without the ball going out of the area in agreed time?

Key Coaching

  • Control the ball out of the feet and in front to get the head up prior to the pass to “picture” the pass. This one key coaching point will improve the passing dramatically, particularly for younger players.

Passing – execution

  • Angle of approach
  • Standing foot / weight
  • Striking foot
  • Ball contact
  • Follow through
  • One touch or more?
  • Time: eliminate defender(s)
  • Weight: easily received
  • Accuracy / disguise

Passing – selection

  • Retain or risk possession?
  • Feet or space
  • Beyond all defenders
  • Beyond most defenders
  • Beyond some defenders
  • Play square
  • Play backwards


  • Early movement to find space and take a support position that enables the passer to easily see them
  • Early communication – both verbally and with hand gestures, to let the passer know where  they want the pass – feet or space
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