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A coaching session designed to improve the Technique of Dribbling

A fun coaching session to improve players ability to initially receive the ball and face they want to dribble, then to improve the technique of dribbling.


A fun dribbling drill designed to improve the technique of dribbling, including: ball manipulation, dribbling, head up, awareness and receiving the ball to dribble


The purpose of the drill is to encourage players to find space to receive the ball: To control the ball in the direction they want to dribble: To dribble and manipulate the ball using different surfaces of the foot: To dribble with their head up and under control: To dribble round the cones, using changes of pace and direction: At the end of the dribble top pass accurately to a free player


  • The size of the area will depend on the age, ability and number of players
  • It is suggested that 12 players are used, with 6 balls
  • Plenty of soft, safe discs scattered randomly throughout the area
  • The overall area is 20 x 10 yards, split into 3 areas of 5 x 10, 10 x 10 and 5 x 10 yards

Rules of the session:

  • The players can only receive the ball in the middle area and they should control the ball and dribble through the cones in this middle area, until they reach the opposite end area
  • Once in the end area, the players should look to pass the ball to a free player
  • Practice is repeated

Key Coaching Points:

  • Encourage the player receiving the ball to be aware of space around them and receive the ball so that they are facing the way they want to dribble
  • Dribble with the head up
  • Use other players and discs / cones as opponents to beat
  • Keep the ball in front and in playing distance
  • Use the big and little toe and sole of the foot to manipulate and move the ball
  • Use a quick, controlled change of direction and pace after dribbling round a cone
  • Encourage dribbling tricks and techniques like step – overs, scissors the drag backs
  • Encourage a trick, such as a step over, to practice unbalancing a defender, then a controlled change of pace and direction to beat the opponent and exploit the space created by the trick
  • Head up and good decision such as an accurate pass at the end of the dribble


A coaching session designed to improve the Technique of Dribbling – Printable PDF

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