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Use all the squad *Half the players start with footballs, half start with out footballs *Use half the pitch and lay out poles or cones as indicated in the graphic in the PDF *The players should be evenly spread out around the area *Initially the players should run at a suitable pace, with and without the ball for a period of four minutes (see further information for time adjustments for younger and less fit players) *After four minutes, players without the ball should swap with the players who have the footballs * For the second period, the players should gently jog – recovery period –  for a three minute period around the area *The programme should be repeated four times for a total of 28 minutes * Depending on the age and fitness of the players, see the printable PDF for time adjustments for younger and less fit players



  • Ensure the players are properly warmed up and ready to start the programme
  • If a player is distressed, pull them out of the session
  • On hot days, be aware of the need for drinks breaks between periods and at the end of the session and the need to cut the session short if necessary
  • Be aware of the impact of heat and the sun
  • Use shorter period, less repetitions and longer recovery breaks for younger and less fit players
  • Cool the players down after the session
  • Use the programme on a regular basis, but be aware of the need to build up the intensity and frequency of the working periods over a period of time. This will be dictated by the increase in the players fitness development
  • Use common sense

28 minute football fitness programme – Printable PDF

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