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Blackpool promotion to Premier League

Is it a good thing that Blackpool have gained promotion to the Premier League? Does this promotion somewhat devalue the Premiership, as Blackpool’s financial ability to compete for and attract the type of players they might need for survival will be dictated by their income and this will be severely restricted by their stadium capacity. There is no doubt that a Cinderella story in football is a great thing and Ian Holloway and his team have done a fantastic job. But, Blackpool’s stadium capacity is only 10,000? There are at least 6 teams from the North West in the premier league, so from an football perspective, arguably Cardiff would have added greater value to the Premiership, being the only team from Wales and having a greater stadium capacity. Maybe there needs to be criteria for promotion with regards to stadia capacity. But, maybe just maybe, Holly and his boys can upset the odds and stick two fingers up to the big boys and survive.  Good luck to Blackpool and hopefully they give a good account of themselves.

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