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Dealing with poor results in youth football

Youth football is huge, and with a sport so popular, it’s no wonder so many children find the inspiration to play and develop their skills. It is important to know when the line between healthy involvement in sport and exercise and the reality of unhealthy pressure or expectations from parents or guardians.

What begins as a team game in which young participants can develop various skills whilst exercising can be ruined all too easily, by getting carried away.

It’s a wonderful thought to imagine your son or daughter being able to grow up to be in one of the most desired and financially rewarded professions in the world, but everyone should know that this possibility is slim! However, if most of the push is coming from the parent – doesn’t this show that maybe the youngster in question has other considerations to worry about..

It would be silly to suggest that no one should try and aim for the top, but instead of piling on the pressure, we should be looking to make some more calculated and well-rounded steps when it comes to the decision making in the progress of our little footballers.

By setting challenges that are well thought out and achievable, we can install a positive mindset and a good attitude to learning and progress. Something which should always be put ahead of personal performance in the youth teams of football. This way, when speed bumps arise, that player’s mind stays in the right place and things will keep moving forward – instead of feeling the weight of expectation falling on their shoulders and the consequences that may follow.

If you notice your child getting down after a poor performance, remind them that losing is the best way for us to learn. Sometimes mistakes can be the best precursor for positive change.

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