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Do you know the Football Rules

There are lots of rules and laws in football. One of the main laws that any kind of physical conduct relates to is covered in Law 12, which is concerned with Fouls and Misconduct

When one considers Law 12 – Fouls and Misconduct the law seems mainly concerned with punishing the players.  However Law 12 is really at the heart of the game.

The three basic principles of the spirit of the game are clearly exposed in this law. These being:

Equal opportunity: for all players to demonstrate their skills, is provided by severely restricting the degree of physical challenges for possession of the ball. To play fairly requires players to avoid challenges which are careless reckless or involve excessive force.

Safety: is evident in protecting players from dangerous play.

Enjoyment: in defining actions which are unacceptable in providing a healthy fair and exciting sport.

Lord 12 comprises three parts.

Major offences – direct free kick awarded.

Other offences – in direct free kick awarded.

Misconduct offences – caution or dismissal

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