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How to coach effectively in a small sided game – Free E Book

FA Coaching in a small sided game – Free E Book on Creating Space in a small sided game

If you are or are thinking about taking an FA Coaching Course, particularly a Level 2 one, you will need to know how to effectively coach and link a specific practice that progresses from a Technique, into a Skill then into a small sided game.

To assist you with this and to help you with your general coaching, we have designed this  FA Coaching Free E Book on Creating Space in a small sided game

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Free E Book on Creating Space in a small sided game


Regarding the FA Coaching  Level 2 practical curriculum, a small sided game can be a number of different themed practices, some of which do not include goals, but should be directional. To simplify things, I always coach in a small sided game, with goals and goalkeepers. Players always like to play a game, so why not give them a game that they enjoy.

But the small sided game should have a theme or topic, which will be the main focus of the coach to bring out and develop. In this instance, the topic is to Improve Creating Space in a Small Sided Game.

Try and think about the size of the pitch to use, taking into account the age and ability of the players and the topic you want to coach within the game. So for example if I was coaching a group of 13 year old boys, of reasonable ability to improve Creating Space in Small Sided Game, I would be looking at a pitch size of 35 – 45 yards long x 20 – 25 yards wide, with relevant sized goals to the pitch size. I would play 2 goalkeepers and 4 outfield players in each team. This can obviously be adapted to suit a larger group of players if required.

I would encourage both teams to try and play a formation of either 2 – 1 – 1 or 2 – 2. The players can rotate positions; but should try and keep to either of these formations.

Whilst I would manage the game, I would only coach one team and would want a competitive and fair game. But for the purposes of the FA Coaching Level 2 course, I would sometimes start play when the ball has gone dead, with the team I am coaching in possession (for attacking topics) this would give me more opportunities to coach my team, as they would have more possession and therefore more opportunities to coach create space in the game.

I would take a position off the pitch, where I could see all the pitch and the players as this would improve my observation and ability to analyse the game and be able to better coach my team and the topic.

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Free E Book on Creating Space in a small sided game

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