Grassroots Coaching

FA Level 1 – Football Coaching Qualification

The English Football Association Level 1 coaching qualification is a great starting point for all Grassroots football coaches.

Grassroots Coaching has concentrated on improving and expanding the practical Football curriculum of the FA Level 1 football coaching qualification. For all Grassroots coaches this is a great resource to give you an understanding and visual tools via videos and printable PDF’s to be able to coach at a basic level. The members’ area of the site will help you to be able to organise and facilitate football coaching sessions for young players, along with giving you help on coaching information to improve players performance.

There are over 100 soccer coaching videos (over 4 hours). Each category of the soccer coaching videos has a number of progressions that enables the coach to test the players, add challenges, competitions and games and to make the soccer coaching session fun and interesting for the players.

Regardless of whether you are considering taking the FA Level 1 course or are already hold an FA Level 1 badge, what you have learnt or will learn on the football level 1 course will inspire you to open your eyes to what you could achieve as coaches and provide a foundation and motivation to progress as coaches. Like so many things, this introductory level to coaching leaves football level 1 often leaves coaches wanting more. They want to stretch themselves as coaches and to provide drills for their players that will not only be fun, safe and organised, but will also test, develop and improve their players.

The practical curriculum of the FA Level 1 Football coaching qualification section covers all the basics of coaching soccer, such as:

  • Football Coaching Qualification Level 1 – Understanding basic defensive skills
  • FA Level 1 coaching – Goalkeeping handling and positional play
  • FA Level 1 coaching qualification – Defending and attacking heading 
  • FA Level 1 courses to coach – Support and create space
  • Football Level 1 – Mini football games and competitions
  • Coaching Level 1 – Game understanding for attacking play
  • Football Association coaching – Turning with the ball
  • Level 1 Football qualification – Pass, move  and ball control
  • Football Association Level 1 award  – Develop and improve shooting and finishing
  • FA Level 1 Football training – Develop combination Play 2 v 1, 2 v 2, 3 v 3