Grassroots Coaching

FA Level 2 – Football Coaching Qualification

Grassroots Coaching and The English FA have worked together and designed a resource for the sixteen categories of Football coaching topics that form the curriculum of the new FA Level 2 coaching course.

Jamie Houchen, The FA’s National Tutor Training Manager, says: “The Football Association Leaning Department and have jointly designed an online curriculum of animated practices for the FA Level 2 coaching course.”

To help football coaches who are taking the FA Level 2 qualification, coaches who are thinking of taking the course, or indeed those coaches who just want to further their coaching education and coaching knowledge, whatever level they coach at. has developed an online educational resource for the new FA Level 2 course, that can help football coaches specifically to understand how to structure coaching sessions so that the emphasis of the practice is on a particular coaching topic and how and why that topic can progress from a technical session, into a skill session and then into a conditioned 4 v 4 game.

All of the main coaching categories of the FA Level 2 practical curriculum are comprehensively covered with a video and printable PDF in the members’ area of the site:

  • Football Coaching Qualification Topic – Forward passing for forward runs
  • Coaching Qualification for football – Dribbling and ball manipulation
  • Football Coaching Qualification Topic – Defending when organised and matched up
  • Coaching Qualification for football – Defending and delay when outnumbered
  • Coaching Qualification for football – Short passing and receiving
  • Football Coaching Qualification Topic  – Long Passing
  • Coaching Qualification for football – Receiving Priorities with the ball
  • Football Coaching Qualification Topic – Turning with and when receiving the ball
  • Coaching Qualification for football – Running with the ball
  • Football Coaching Qualification Topic – Finishing from close to the goal
  • Coaching Qualification for football – Shooting – long range
  • Football Coaching Qualification Topic – Support Play – forward runs
  • Coaching Qualification for football – Support Play – around the ball
  • Football Coaching Qualification Topic – Defending Heading
  • Coaching Qualification for football – Attacking Heading for goal
  • Football Coaching Qualification Topic – Goalkeeping handling and positioning