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FA Level 2 – Rotating shooting game 1

FA level 2 Rotating shooting game 1


  • Organise an area of approximately 40 yards x 20 yards, with a goal in the middle and one goalkeeper in the goal. The goalkeeper should look to save shots from both directions
  • Lay out a shooting line approximately 6 yards from either side of the goal. The players must shoot before this line
  • Position two strikers either side of the goal. They must stay in the area either side of the goal and should look to be creative and take on shooting opportunities.
  • Position 2 – 4 fielders on either side of the goal and around the outside of the area. Their job is to field any shots that go through the goal or miss the goal and to bounce the ball back into the strikers on their side of the goal. If a shot goes through the goal or misses the goal, the strikers on the other side of the goal must leave the ball to go through to the fielders.
  • Position a second goalkeeper 10 yards to the side of the goal, with a supply of footballs. They can rotate with the goalkeeper in goal. Their job is also to distribute the ball, by throwing to any of the fielders if a ball goes out of play.
  • Supply of balls, bibs and maker discs


  • The ball is distributed by throwing a ball by the spare goalkeeper to one of the outside fielders.
  • The ball must then be fed into the strikers on the side of the fielders
  • The strikers to react and find space in the box
  • The strikers to be positive and to shoot as quickly and accurately as possible.
  • If the goalkeeper saves the ball, they distribute quickly to the fielders on the other side of the goal and the practice is repeated
  • If the ball goes through the goal, or misses the target, then the fielders on the opposite side field the ball and play back into the strikers on their side of the goal. GK turns to defend shot from new direction
  • If the ball goes out of play, the spare goalkeeper distributes by throwing the ball to the fielders on the opposite side to where the shot has come from

COMPETITION – From an agreed number of shots, which pair of strikers can score the most goals from outside of the shooting line. Include rebounds, which can be scored inside of the shooting line. Rotate goalkeepers and strikers after competition and repeat.


  • Reaction from the strikers to find space and receive the ball from the fielders
  • Communication between players, both verbally and with hand gestures
  • Positive, accurate passing
  • Quick, clever movement and combination play between strikers
  • Positive attitude from the strikers to taking quick accurate shooting opportunities
  • Head up to assess goalkeepers position
  • Appropriate close range finishing techniques – more accuracy, less power
  • Rebounds from the goalkeeper
  • Goalkeeping

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