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FA Qualification Level 2 Day 1

We have just started a FA Level 2 Coaching Qualification at the Kent FA headquarters at the Cobdown Sports and Social Club, Ditton, Kent. There are 25 candidates on the course, coming from different backgrounds, of different ages and with varied coaching experience.

There are some very experienced coaches on the course, along with some players who play a very decent standard of football and are looking to gain a coaching qualification to assist their careers when they finish playing. There are also 3 South Korean coaches, who are currently based in London, but are looking to go back to South Korea to develop a coaching career.

The lead Tutor for the course is Alan Walker, who is the head coach for Kent FA. Clive Walker, who used to play for Leicester and was Manager of among others, Northampton Town and myself. So there is vast experience amongst the Tutors

This is the first blog of 10, which will diarise the main 10 Tutor lead days of the coaching qualification.

To read more about the format of the course go to:

















9:00 am                             Introduction and Briefing

10:00am                             Task 1: Roles & Qualities of a Coach

11:00am                             Task 7: Coaching Styles

12:00pm                             Task 2: Gathering Information to Plan

1:00pm                              Task 4: Develop a Session Plan

1:00 – 2:00pm                  Lunch

2:00 – 4:30pm                  Practical Coaching – Tutor Delivery

4:30 – 5:00pm                   Review of the day

One of the practical sessions we, as Tutors delivered, was Improve the Technique and Skill of short passing and support.

To start the practical sessions we did a warm up with the candidates, to ensure they were physically and mentally prepared for the practical football training they would be doing.

We then ensured that we went through a comprehensive Health and safety check prior to the session. This covered the pitch, playing area, the players’ fitness, boots, shin pads, jewellery etc. The equipment, goals and balls. We then looked at other areas of Health and Safety such the surrounding area, there is a road close by, a stream all things that could present a problem with regards to Health and Safety.

To start the session, we explained why and how we organised the session. The numbers, the size of the area, the equipment we would need. Then we demonstrated through a practical walk through, the pattern of the practice – what we wanted the players to do.

The players then started the session of The Technique of short passing and support. The focus of the session on how the players could develop and improve the technique of short passing and support.















You can download the session plans for both of these sessions by clicking on the links below.

FA Level 2 Technique of Short Passing

FA Level 2 Skill of Short Passing


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