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Find a player – Steve McLaren take notice!!

Find a player is a new multi platform app designed to take the pain out of organising and finding players, particularly good for football.

So if you are a coach in need of a player, (Steve McLaren ) or a player in need of a game (Christian Benteke) , this is a sports dating app that will bring you together for mutual fun and games.


find a player 1

Find A Player app functionality

–       Find and invite friends via existing phone contacts.

–       Rate players on skill, fitness and reliability.

–       Schedule availability on a day-to-day basis.

–       Actively search for games to join or set up your profile and wait for invitations.

–       All communication by in-app push notification.

–       Games can be set up to be totally private or fully public.

–       Connect with people in the local area and make new friends.

–       Games can be set to recur on a regular basis. No need to enter the details every week.

–       Set up multiple groups for each different sport or activity.

–       Promotes and encourages an active lifestyle.

–       Totally free to users.

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