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Football Documentary – Sold for a Fiver Part 1

Fascinating Football Documentary set in the 1994 – 95 season following the misfortunes of Leyton Orient.

Sold for a Fiver Part 1 of 5 – This dramatic and compelling football documentary was made over the course of the 1994 – 95 season by a football fan who was given unlimited access during Leyton Orients troubled season.

Orient are in deep relegation trouble in Division Two of the football league. Ex Chelsea Defender John Sitton, who proves to be an explosive character, to put it mildly and ex Sheffield Wednesday Goalkeeper Chris Turner are joint managers.

The first part of this documentary highlights the trouble the club is in the first part of the season. John and Chris are new to the managerial game and their inexperience and frustrations are beginning to show.

With the team struggling, the joint Managers are under lots of pressure. Orient play non league Tiverton away in the first round of the FA Cup and a successful cup run can bring in much needed finances as well as boost the morale of the club, the Managers and the players. But this game is fraught with danger.

The documentary features unique pre match motivation from John Sitton and post match analysis to the players in the dressing room from Chris and John.

The documentary is called Sold for a Fiver and in this first part, the Club Chairman explains why he is prepared to sell the club for only a Fiver !!

Sold for a Fiver Part 1

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