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Football Documentary – Sold for a Fiver Part 5

Part 5 and the final episode of the football documentary “Sold for a Fiver” The writing is on the wall. Leyton Orient are relegated with 5 games left and the managerial duo have the unenviable and difficult task of trying to lift and motivate the players before the upcoming home game against Brentford.

After the game, joint Managers, John Sitton and Chris Turner, with remarkable honesty, face up to the harsh reality of their personal and professional situations, their futures and the inevitable meeting with new Chairman Barry Hearn.

At the meeting the Chairman and Managers agree that it is in everyone’s best interests to part company. But, they agree that the duo still have manage the club for the last 5 games of the season. This becomes a very difficult situation for all parties, Very difficult to do, as Barry publicly announces on TV the new Manager for the following season, without informing the Managerial duo, who watch it live on TV!!.

In a face to face interview, John is reflective, if somewhat bitter about what has happened and what he considers the inconsistencies in Barry Hearn’s previous support of his managerial and coaching abilities.

John Sitton never got another chance to manage or coach in the professional game and is now a cabbie in London.

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