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Football Fitness training for pre season

Assault Course Progressive Warm Up

Here’s a little assault course warm up for you to try out. It can be quite complex so start with just a few ideas which I’ve outlined and build up, remember it’s supposed to be fun and not confusing! After you’ve tried it with these few basic exercises add in as many plyometric/skill based aspects as you like dependant on the age and ability of your players.

3 Primary Aims (physiological/psychological)

  • Increase Heart Rate
  • Increase Blood Flow
  • Increase Concentration

3 Primary Skills Focussed On (Technical/Physical Development)

  • Improve ball control
  • Improve balance
  • Plyometric development


  • Footballs
  • Cones
  • Hurdles

Set Up

1.)    Set up single cone as start point

2.)    Set up 6 evenly spaced cones (approx. 1 metre apart) in a straight line.

3.)    Leave gap (approx. five metres) and add 5 hurdles evenly spaced (approx. 1 metre apart)

4.)    Leave 5 metre gap and add single finishing cone.


1.)    Drill should be carried out six times by each individual, enough to work on each plyometric/technical change without losing interest or concentration levels. The key is quality and not quantity.

2.)    Player starts with ball and dribbles through individual cones working on technical aspects of dribbling and ball control changing each time they complete drill (right foot/left foot, inside/outside/sole).

3.)    Player then passes alongside hurdles (right foot/left foot) to server (coach) who will be waiting on finishing cone.

4.)    Player then completes plyometric exercise over hurdle (single leg high knee lift (drive)/ single leg side on high knee lift (drive)/ single leg hops).

5.)    Server then delivers ball to player as the exit hurdles for pass/volley/header.

6.)    Player then returns to start with football and completes next variation

Sound simple? Good!


Plyometric Coaching Points

  • Leg Drive- Each leg drive should be powerful and fast, working on power and speed development
  • Single Leg Hops- Focus should be on the landing, get the player’s to hold position on single leg landing working on ankle stability and balance (will help prevent injury down the line)
  • Demonstrations should be performed prior to exercise

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