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Football Training Drills – Run with the ball

Football Training Drills that help players to understand and practice in game related situations the technique and skill of running with the ball, are really important to help players develop and improve this vital skill that can really carry attacks quickly and effectively to the opposition.

Why would players want to run with the ball? Well there are a number of very simple reasons.

  • To exploit space – in front of a defence, down the side of a defence and in behind a defence
  • Drive and carry the ball quickly up the pitch – a counter attack for example.
  • Commit defenders and create space for other players – sometimes just running with the ball for 5 yards commits a defender to the ball, this creates space for  team mates to exploit.
  • Break defensive lines – a wide player running past the full back with the ball and getting into the space behind the defensive line to deliver a cross is a great example

Therefore it is important that players practice the technique and skill of running with the ball. As you can see from the video, we have lots of run with the ball football training drills, that are fun, challenging and progressive and through the wave like nature of the football training drills, they will give the players lots of opportunities to create, practice and improve their game related running with the ball skills, both as individuals and as part of a team.



Football Training Drills

Run with the ball key coaching factors

  1. The receiving player to identify where the space is to run with the ball and how much space there is to run with the ball
  2. Appropriate and positive touch out of the feet and into the space available – lots of space – big touch – confined space, smaller touch
  3. Quick movement to get to the ball quickly
  4. Head up, to decide next action
  5. Use the laces – front of the foot to run with the ball, keeping the head up and the ball in front
  6. Understanding of how far to knock the ball with the laces – lots of space, bigger touches, run quickly. Smaller space, smaller touches, be more under control
  7. Decision to run away from defenders or to cut across defenders
  8. Keep the head up when running with the ball with the ball to make correct decisions – change direction slow down, speed up, pass, shoot cross etc
  9. Good technique and execution of the next action – pass, shot, cross etc

Watch to see a how Running with the ball is explained in real detail

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