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Football Training – Passing in Triangles

A simple passing and receiving practice to improve players concentration, receiving skills, movement and short range passing techniques


Lay out a triangle of cones or discs, with 10 – 12 yards between them. The distance can be adjusted to suit the age and ability of the players. Place two players, with a ball on the first cone and a player on the other two cones. This practice is adaptable and by setting out other triangles, it can accommodate more players.

To start the practice, the player with the ball passes to player on the cone to their left. The pass should be along the floor, accurate and well weighted. It should be to the outside of the cone. The player receiving the ball should check away from the ball, then check back to receive the pass. The receiving player should set the ball back for the first player, who has made a supporting run. After setting the ball, the player makes a timed run, round the cone to receive a pass from the supporting player. After making the pass, the player goes to the next disc. The player who has made the run passes into the next player and the practice is repeated around the triangle.


Focus on the technique of the push pass, get the ball out of the feet, picture the pass, use the side – foot, strike through the middle / centre of the ball *Accurate, well weighted, timed passes, along the floor *Timing of the movement from the receiving player to check away from the ball, before receiving * Supporting player to consider angle and distance of support *Set the ball with sympathy, so it can passed first time *Time the run round the cone to receive the return pass * Timing, weight and accuracy of return pass *Communication, both verbally and using body language *Repeat practice the opposite way round the triangle

Triangle Passing and Receiving session – Printable PDF

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