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Get your favourite football coaching session published

Send us your favourite coaching sessions and we will choose  the best one weekly and bring it to life. We will animate the session and publish it on our coaching website and the weekly winner will win a FREE 1 year subscription to the site

If you are a grassroots football coach and have a favourite session, all you have to do is send it to us at –

We will choose one weekly, animate it and publish it on the site. The weekly winner will receive a FREE 1 year subscription to the site.

Please include as much information and use graphics if you can. Also indicate what age group you use it to coach. We will also need your name and e mail address.

As an example of what we are looking for and what we will produce, watch the video and see the coaching session plan sent in by Alex Campbell – see below.

Plan sent in by Alex Campbell

dribbling and ball manipulation


alex graphic

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