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Football skill challenge for players

This is a football skill challenge that the players can facilitate on their own without the need for a football coach.

Challenge is for the players to work and communicate together to complete as many one bounce volleys as possible. It’s a lot harder than it looks! If the players want a harder challenge, make it two touch!!The players can also play this as two team of two, where they have to volley the ball to their partner before volleying to the other team.


*Square of 10 – 15 yards x 10 15 yards, divided into 4 quarters with discs
*2 or 4 players: One ball
*Players are allowed to let the ball bounce only once and have to volley the ball to one of the quarters of the square that they aren’t in
*Receiving player must move into that square, let the ball bounce once and volley back to one of the quarters that they aren’t in
*How many can the players complete?
*Progressions: 1. Control and then volley – 2 touches 2: Play 2 x teams of 2 players, have to volley to their team mate first before volleying to the other team

If you are a coach and like this, share the link with your players and let them try it.

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