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Herr Klopp, save Liverpool £2.3 million and join instead!

Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp reportedly spent £2.3 million on a football machine called Footbonaut at Dortmund that was allegedly the secret behind his players foot speed, reactions, ball control and passing accuracy.

For a lot less money his coaching team could join and achieve the same results for his new Liverpool players and the players will have a lot more fun!

We have designed a Footbonauti game that will achieve exactly the same results as the Footbonaut machine. Watch the video of our Footbonauti game and the video of the futuristic Footbonaut machine and see how you can get the same improvements with your players as Jurgen Klopp did at Borussia Dortmund and save your club £2.3 million to boot!

On the Footbonaut machine, former Dortmund star Mario Gotze said: “I can only recommend it, it’s something amazing. It’s a good opportunity to improve yourself technically, and get better vision, better passing game. It works on your weak points and it’s a good way to practice.”

On’s Footbonauti game, U10 midfield dynamo Jimmy Smith said: “It’s a great game. It’s hard work, but we had loads of fun and it really improved all the players touch, ball control and passing”


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