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Introduction to a FA Level 2 course

From a practical coaching point of view, the first thing we get the coaches to understand is how to coach techniques. A technique provides a firm foundation for players to develop their skills. For example, the Technique of Ball Control. To master the technique of ball control, the players must first learn to work on their techniques in unopposed training sessions. This allows the players to progress without the pressure of opposition and to work solely on improving their technique.

The three graphics below, taken from the coaching design software Coaches Chalkboard, which can be found at Using the Coaches Chalkboard software I have designed a training session to improve the Technique of Ball Control.


  • Organise the players into 3 groups of 3 with a ball for each group.
  • Layout a series of squares with cones
  • One of the players from each group makes a run into one of the squares, the player with the ball passes the ball to the player in the square, who must control the ball within the square they are in.
  • After controlling the ball the player then passes the ball to the third player in the group who has made a run into another square.
  • The practice is then repeated.
  • Encourage players to pass the ball over different heights and speeds to test different ball control techniques, using different control surfaces.


  1. Be on the toes and alert and ready to receive the pass
  2. Get in the line of the ball
  3. Assess the flight and pace of the ball and adjust the feet position if needed.
  4. Select the most appropriate control surface
  5. Relax and cushion the ball upon contact with the selected control surface
  6. Head up and pass to a team mate

The start of the soccer coaching session Football coaching session to improve ball control Soccer coaching drill to improve ball control

Watch a video of a player skill competition to improve Ball Control

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