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Planning – FA Level 2 Coaching Session – Part 3

In this football coaching article, I will show you how to plan and carry out a second progression FA Level 2 football training session on the topic of improving the technique of creating space. Specifically, this post covers “Create Space as Individuals – Progression 2”. This is the third article in a series of six designed to help you pass the FA Level 2 course. To get all the information, why not follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and watch some of our great videos on YouTube.

Progressing The FA Level 2 Session

Following on from the previous blog, I now plan to progress the session by focussing and planning on helping players to create space as individuals.

The Techniques of Creating Space – Progression 2 – Create Space As Individuals

I would now look to encourage players to think about their own individual movement to create space. The types of thoughts and actions I want to see are:

The second progression of the session available on Coaches chalkboard

  • Communication, both verbally and with body language as the players move into space. Can the players creating space help the player on the ball, by calling, clearly and concisely and by pointing to where they want the ball, be it in space or to feet. The earlier the player off the ball communicates with the player on the ball, the better the “picture” the player on the ball has and the greater the chance of success.
  • Clever individual movement to create space. This might be a timed ‘In to Out’ movement or an ‘Out to In’ movement. Players might look to check the ball and then spin away into space for a pass. Or check away from the ball to create space and then back to the ball. These movements will be linked to communication and timing of the movement.
  • Recognition when they are in space and no movement is required, maybe just stand still. There are times when players need to recognise they are in space and standing still and communicating with the player on the ball might be the best option.
  • Thinking about movement to create space that is “one step ahead”. For them to try and be where the ball is going to be, not where the ball is currently at.

For a more in depth look at this FA Level 2 progression, follow this link.

It is impossible to coach all of this at once and expect the players to take on board all the information, so plan to coach in a logical, progressive order and to give the players “bite” size pieces of information that they can easily understand and digest.

Remember the KISS formula when coaching – Keep It Simple Stupid.

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