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Planning – FA Level 2 Coaching Session – Part 5

In this article, I will show you how to plan the 4th Progression of the FA Level 2 football training session on the topic of ‘Improving the Technique of Creating Space’. This is the fifth article in a series of 6 created to help you pass the FA level 2 course. To get all the information, why not follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and watch some of our great videos on YouTube.

Progressing the FA Level 2 Session

Following on from the previous post, I now plan to progress the session by planning on helping players to create space for other players.

The Technique of Creating Space – Progression 4 – Creating Space With The Ball

Because this is an FA Level 2 progression, things are getting more advanced, so make sure to explain and teach in a logical, easy to understand manner.

Firstly players need to think about how they can create space with the ball. For example if they are travelling in one direction with the ball, the opposition will react and follow that direction. By turning with ball, either by using a drag back or a hook turn, then they will have created space in another area of the pitch, which team mates can exploit with timed runs.

Another way of creating space with the ball is when players receive a pass. If they are aware of what is around them, by receiving the ball and turning away from the direction the ball has come from they can change the direction of the attack. Players off the ball would need to make timed runs into the space created to exploit the space created with the turn.

  • Focus on players creating space with the ball.
  • Encourage players to change direction with the ball, this will create space for other players.
  • Players to use clever turns, such as a drag back, hook turn or turn when receiving the ball Timing and angle of the runs from players reacting to the change of direction with the ball  Communication between players.
  • For players to think about movement that is “one step ahead” For them to think about to try and be where the ball is going to be, not where the ball is currently at.

For a more in depth look at this FA Level 2 progression, follow this link.

Challenges And Progressions

Once you’re happy that the players are performing and looking to implement the technical information regarding creating space, then I would plan to challenge the players. In this case, the challenge would be:

  1. At least two players from each team must touch the ball
  2. In a series of one minute challenges, which team can pass into the target players most times. If the ball goes out of the area, the players have to retrieve it themselves before continuing
  3. To increase the challenge, make the pitch smaller or bigger.

The reason for the challenge is that the players will really enjoy the competitive aspect of it. They will try hard to win the challenge and therefore put pressure on themselves – they will loose composure and the quality will diminish, or they will rise to the challenge and pass, move and create space quickly and effectively. After each challenge you can ask the players why they succeeded or failed and what, why and how they think they could do better. This will greatly promote the players’ self learning, team work and understanding and also develop your own ability as an FA Level 2 coach.

The challenges will give the coach the chance to observe and analyse the players performance under pressure and  This will help the coach to identify common problems, team problems or indeed what the players are doing well and to praise and highlight that aspect of the performance. These progressions and when or if you implement them will depend upon the age and ability of the players and how the practice progresses. Effectively implementing these extra levels of progression will be what really develops your FA Level 2 coaching abilities.

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