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Planning – FA Level 2 Coaching Session Part 6

In this article, I will show you how to plan the 5th and final Progression of the FA Level 2 football training session on the topic of ‘Improving the Technique of Creating Space’. This is the final article in a series of 6 created to help you pass the FA level 2 course. To get future updates without having to worry, why not follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and watch some of our great videos on YouTube.

Progressing the FA Level 2 Session

Following on from the previous blog, I now plan to progress the session by planning challenges and by progressing from an unopposed technical Session to a skill session where I would introduce opposition to challenge the players’ decisions on creating space.

Challenges an Progressions

Once you are happy that the players are performing and are implementing most of the technical information regarding creating space, then you should plan to challenge the players. In this case, the challenge would be:

  • At least two players from each team must touch the ball as the ball is progressed from one target player to the other.
  • In a series of one minute challenges, which team can pass into the target players most times? If the ball goes out of the area, the players have to retrieve it themselves before continuing.
  • To increase the challenge, make the pitch smaller or bigger.

I would plan to progress the practice to a skill. For the skill I would take one player from each team and make them a defender. The defenders can work as a pair and try and defend against one team, creating 3 v 2 situations, or defend individually creating a 3 v 1 situation. Now there is greater pressure on the teams. They will have to keep the ball away from the defenders while still looking to progress from target player to target player. The defenders will challenge the players’ decisions and ability to create space.

For a more in depth look at this FA Level 2 progression, follow this link.

I hope you’ve learn’t a lot over the last week or so, and don’t forget to put these lessons into practice with your students in your lessons. Let me know how you get on by leaving a comment below.

As an added bonus, check out this video on switching play in triangles. Get thinking about how you can incorporate these FA Level 2 techniques into your lessons in the future.


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