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Player skill competition – Forward passing in a square

The objective of this player skill competition is to improve the timing and accuracy of forward passes for forward runs

Set Up

  • Two players, one ball.
  • Lay out 9 cones in a square shape.
  • The distance between the cones can be adjusted to suit the age and ability of the players and can be anything from 5 to 20 meters between cones.


  • One player to makes a forward run from the inside of the square and around the outside of a cone, to receive a forward pass from their team mate.
  • The pass should be in front of the cone the player is running round.
  • When they receive the pass, they should control and or dribble the ball back into the inside of the square.
  • The player who has made the pass, should make a forward run around the next cone, to receive a forward pass.
  • The competition is repeated around all the cones until the players return to the cone they first started from. The players should look to complete the circuit, without making a mistake and in the quickest possible time.

Coaching Tips   

  • Time the forward run to meet the pass
  • The player making the forward run to always look at the player making the pass
  • Good communication between the players, both verbally and with hand gestures
  • Player on the ball, to keep the ball moving until ready to make the pass
  • Both players to keep their heads up
  • Before passing, get the head up, to picture the pass
  • Accurate, well timed and weighted passing


  • More than 1 pair of players in the competition
  • Use both feet when making the pass
  • Increase, decrease the size of the square to encourage different types and lengths of passing
  • Players making the forward runs can decide which cone they are going to run round to receive the pass and choose which direction. Player on the ball has to adjust to make the pass for the runner

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