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Player Skill Competition – Pass and move in twos

Player Skill competition designed to improve passing, support movement and communication.

Set Up

  • Two players, one ball.
  • Lay out a series of gates using cones, with each gate being 2 to 3 yards wide.
  • The distance between each gate should be suitable for the age and ability of the players


  • The objective of the player skill competition is for the players to co – operate as a pair, with initially the player without the ball making a run to the gate on their right, to receive the pass, control it through the gate and then pass it back to the initial passer, who after making the pass, makes a run to the gate on their left.
  • The players work as a pair, going from right to left, to the middle, back to the right, then through the last set of gates, before repeating the pattern back to the start.
  • The players should look to complete the skill competition, without making a mistake and in the quickest possible time

Coaching Tips

  • Good communication between players
  • Players to keep their heads up and be aware
  • Timing of the runs to receive the pass
  • Players making the runs to always look at the player on the ball
  • Players passing to get their head up and picture the pass, before passing
  • Accurate, well timed, well weighted passing
  • Control the ball out of the feet and in the direction of the cones they want to run through


  • More than 1 pair of players taking part in the competition
  • Make the distance between the gates bigger or smaller
  • Use both feet when passing

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