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Protect the Ball Away from a Defender

This is an intensive technical practice to improve a players ball control skills and their ability to not only control the ball, but protect it away from a pressurising defender.

The focus of the practice is on the receiving player and as a result it is hard work, so the players will need to be rotated on a regular basis. The coach can also set up more than one practice so more players can be involved

Download the pdf here which you can print out and take to training and watch the Video so you can understand and be better prepared for your coaching session.


Coaching Information:

Ball control:

Receiving player to be alert and on their toes, ready to move for the pass

Get in the line of the ball from the server

Select the most appropriate control surface

Relax on the touch and control away from the defender


Protect the ball away from the defender:

Control the ball away from the defender

Get the body between the ball and the defender to protect the ball

Accurate pass back to the server

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