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S.T.E.P.P Football Coaching Made Easy 3

This is the third blog in a series of 5 where we examine S.T.E.P.P in greater detail and look at how it can help coaches.

In this blog, we look at E- Equipment and how organising and using the right equipment can make a real difference to your coaching.

S.T.E.P.P stands for the following:

S – Size

T – Tempo and time

E – Equipment

P – Players

P – Progressions.

In this blog we look at E – Equipment

  • Organise footballs so that they can quickly be passed onto the training area or game pitch. This will increase the continuity and intensity of the practice or game.
  • By increasing or decreasing the number footballs in practices, can make the practice harder and more challenging or easier by giving players more time to focus on only one or two footballs.
  • Discs and markers – it is important that the players know and understand the size of the areas and pitches they are playing on. Use safety discs and markers to mark out areas and pitches and target areas within the practice.
  • Goals – for attacking sessions and practices, use goals that are appropriately and game sized for the age of the players. This will help the players to practice and shoot into goals that are appropriately sized for the games they will play.
  • Bibs – Like in a game, it is important that players can easily recognise their own players and the opposition. Wherever possible use bibs to help with this basic requirement.


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