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S.T.E.P.P Football Coaching Made Easy 4

In this blog, we take at look at how adjustments to the way a coach uses their players can make training sessions so much more focussed, interesting and fun.

In the S.T.E.P.P coaching process, we are now onto the first P -Players.

  • If you have more players than you can cope with for a session or practice, split them into 3 teams. 2 teams playing and one team either resting or working on their own or with an assistant on developing individual skills, away from the pitch. Play short, intense games and rotate the teams often. You can also organise a round robin type tournament for all 3 or 4 teams. 
  • To give players more time, space and therefore more success and confidence in attacking sessions and practices , initially adjust the overload of the players in favour of the attacking team, say 7 v 3. As the players get better and more confident, adjust the overload to 6 v 4 and finally to 5 v 5.


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