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Football Drills – Creating Space to Encourage Goals


These kinds of football drills are called overload possession, where one team has more players than the other, to encourage the team with more players to create space whilst keeping possession and then create a goal scoring opportunity. If the team with fewer players win the ball, they can score straight away in either goal. These are for use by FA Level 1, 2, and UEFA B coaches.


  • The game is for the overload team to keep possession.
  • When they have completed passes to 3 different players who have created space by receiving the ball in 3 different circle space areas, they can score a goal by passing the ball into either goal from inside the central area. If they pass the ball into the corner areas of the goal, they score double.
  • If the team with fewer players win possession, they can immediately score in either goal. If they pass the ball into the corner areas of the goal, they score double.
  • Rotate teams regularly 


  • Create an area of about 25 x 25 yards, with goals placed 10 – 15 yards further back from the area. Position poles or cones in the middle of the goal about 4 yards apart
  • Use discs or cones to create areas on the four corners of the middle area and in the centre of the area – see graphic.
  • Play an overload of 5 v 3, 6 v 4 etc. Adjust the size of the areas to suit the number and abilities of the players 

Key Coaching Principles:

  • Players to play with their heads up and be aware of space
  • Encourage players to get their heads up before passing to picture the pass
  • Well timed movement to find space and receive the ball.
  • Movement to get into the circle areas to receive the ball and make a success of the game
  • Communication between players, both verbally and with hand gestures
  • Decisions on control and pass or pass first time
  • Awareness of the player on the ball to turn out of tight areas and look for space
  • Understanding of the rules of the game and look to keep possession and score a goal
  • DEFENDING TEAM: To work hard, try and win possession and score quickly, counter attack in either goal 


  • To start, ensure the players understand the game and try to play to the rules, which are designed to encourage players to create space and keep possession, before trying to score

Additional Notes:

  • To help players understand the rules, the coach can do a slow walk through of the game, before the players start playing full pace.
  • Coach should have a good supply of footballs ready to keep play going if a ball goes out of play

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