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Tactical Changes in Football Players Positions Part 4


In football today, the role of the second striker is very important. Many teams employ formations where this player plays a vital link. The player plays between their midfield and the main striker and has a license to roam. It is a difficult position for the opposition to pick up and mark as the players can be playing quite deep one minute and then burst forward to link up with their striker. Both Zinedine Zidane and Dennis Bergkamp have been masters at playing as the second striker.

•To play in this role the players has to be very comfortable on the ball, have great vision and a very quick turn of pace.

•They are usually the most talented forward player in the team.

•Second strikers need to have great ball control, be able to receive a pass from all sorts of angles and have great vision and awareness.

•They also need good goal scoring skills as well as goal making abilities

•They will usually create plenty of chances for team-mates, but also bang in more than a few themselves.

•A player who plays in the “hole” will need good strength to withstand and ride tackles as well as good stamina.

•They will also have to display good defensive awareness as very often they will have to tuck in alongside the midfield when the team are under pressure

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