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Tactical Changes in football Players Positions Part 1


The full backs are very key players in the team. Very often attacking play starts with the fullback as they tend to have more space to receive a pass.

•A full backs main responsibility is to stop the opposition attacking in wide areas and to support and cover the central defenders.

•Fullbacks need to have a good ability in the air, to deal with long passes down the pitch and crosses

•They need to have good pace and stamina, to match wingers in 1 v 1 defending situations and to get up and down the pitch

•Ideally a fullback should have a good range of passing and crossing skills.

•They need to be able to run well with the ball

•Fullback also need power – a combination of speed and strength to defend in sustained bouts of pressure

•They also need good levels of strength – jumping to head the ball, tackling, withstanding challenges CKS

Fullbacks will also need to operate as wingers, to get forward with and without the ball, to be able to beat opponents, to deliver crosses and to contribute to the teams’ goal scoring tally

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