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Ten of the best nutmegs you will ever see!

Many years ago when I played for Sheffield United, a particularly gifted, pest of a player called Kevin Arnott, regularly nutmegged and humiliated me in training. It is the ultimate football insult. No matter what I did, he would slip the ball through my legs at some point. It drove me mad!

Ossie was such a lovely lad, that I could rarely bring myself to kick him – though there was the odd occasion when I just had to!

When I moved onto Brighton and he was playing for Chesterfield, we played against each other at the Old Goldstone ground. Despite my promises to myself not to get nutmegged, a full 5 minutes passed before he did me again and to add insult to injury we lost and I had a bit of a nightmare!

There are some absolutely fantastic nutmegs in this video. I love the reaction and faces of some of the players who get done. Watch out for # 2 when Luis Suarez nutmegs David Luiz before scoring. Luiz’s reaction is priceless. Been there, got the T shirt

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