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The Offside Rule – Football Coaching

So does anyone really know what the offside rule really means? If an attacker is level with the last defender, they are on side?

Great idea, as it gives a real advantage to the attacking team. It encourages the defending team to defend properly and track runners, rather than hold the line and stick their hand up and appeal for offside. But, is it being applied to the advantage of the attacking team? What does level mean exactly? I would have thought that if the attacker was level with the last defender, then if there isn’t space, or daylight between the attacker and last defender, then the attacker is on side. But this doesn’t always seem to be the case. Still, too often, the linesman, or fourth official as they are now known, sticks their flag up on the appeal from the defending team. It is time the football authorities sorted this out and clarified the position.


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